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Water and trees


All of us make choices every day, and probably in most cases we are not even aware of how many we actually make. Some are everyday decisions, such as whether or not to exercise, what to eat, what clothes to wear, etc. Some are long term, or lifetime commitments, such as whether or not to adopt that puppy,  which school, or church to attend, or whom, or even IF, you should marry.  However, for many, the choice concerning one’s eternal destiny is often overlooked, dismissed, or simply taken for granted.


There are a number of reasons why many people don’t believe in any God at all. How could there be a God? One might wonder this when looking at all of the terrible things that are going on in the world around us. If God does exist, then why doesn’t he intervene in the affairs of mankind and make things right? That is a question which has probably been asked by everyone, at one time!

Many, seeking answers, attend religious institutions whose leaders talk about a God who can only be approached by human merit. They engage in daily, and weekly, activities in the hope that they will procure God’s favor, but, without ever truly knowing for sure if they have or not…


Is this where you are in your life’s walk? I stood in that same place at one time in my life. Then something amazing happened. I found God, or  rather, he found me. I now say with conviction that God dwells within my body, allowing me to experience his presence. How did this happen? This happened by making one choice! Accompany me on my journey as I make one right choice that changed my life forever.