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Invisible Forces



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How many consider the Devil to be a made-up fictitious character? If this is how he’s perceived, then we, Christians, will be unaware of the schemes and tricks that he uses to inhibit our walk with God and destroy our testimony.


However, if you at times have wondered whether he does exist, then this book will unveil to you who he was before he rebelled against God, what he looks like, the physical characteristics, supernatural abilities, and purposes of the supernatural creatures that support him, and why he wages war against believers.


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eBook (Kindle)


Paperback: 138 pages
eBook: 151 pages


Paperback: 6 x 0.32 x 9 inches
eBook: 1736 KB

Release date:

Paperback: June 13, 2024
eBook: June 12, 2024


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