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Christ in You



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This book is about three biblical topics that are considered controversial depending on who you talk to.


Does the bread and wine at communion turn into the literal (transubstantiation) or spiritual (consubstantiation) body and blood of Christ, causing the participant to become more like Him?


Does a believer grow spirituality by obeying the tenets of their faith and partaking in communion, or is there another avenue to consider?


Does Christ come into a believer’s body through communion, or is there a different person of the Trinity who’s received in another manner?


Ultimately, we’re considering two essential aspects of Christian salvation and sanctification.


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eBook (Kindle)


Paperback: 104 pages
eBook: 106 pages


Paperback: 6 x 0.24 x 9 inches
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Paperback: October 28, 2023
eBook: October 27, 2023


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