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This book is about a biblical topic that is probably as controversial now as it was when Christ walked the earth. 


What it has to do with is whether a woman can be called by God to any of the leadership positions in the church. The traditional perspective that a woman is to be subservient to church authority; to her husband in the home; and the conjecture to males in the leadership positions of society has permeated culture for thousands of years. I believe there is a worldwide audience of men and women in church, the political realm, and the home that would be interested in finding out if there is an alternative view to this biblical perception that would present a convincing case by providing both circumstantial and direct scriptural evidence that would support a women’s ordination in the church, her rightful place in the home, and her capacity to assume leadership roles that have for so long been against cultural norms.


Could an argument be made that might support such by providing both circumstantial and direct Bible scriptural evidence? Join me in the search for the truth in this matter. We will begin a thorough study by looking at those Jews who were called to the service of the priesthood, followed by some of the other positions of leadership such as Judges, Kings, and Prophets of the Old Testament, and ending with looking at those who were called to the leadership offices of the New Testament church, while including all that is in between. In connection with this, we will revisit the many reasons that have been used in the past to support the conjecture that only males are called, such as Adam being created first by God; Eve being formed from his rib and being made to be his help meet; the husband designated as the head of the home; Jesus only appointing males to be his disciples and the slogan that this is the way it has always been.


You’ll find this study enlightening, thought-provoking, and with the presentation of earth-shattering direct evidence that will turn traditional views about this subject on their head. 



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