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I Am



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This book is about us finding out who we are in Christ. When you repented of your sins to God the Father and believed in His Son, Jesus, as to who He is and what He has accomplished, you received the Holy Spirit and a bundle of benefits. These benefits are otherwise known as spiritual blessings.  


These declarations will unveil all that had taken place in your life when you responded to the gospel. As you read about each one, you’ll see yourself as God sees you. And as you start to reflect upon these truths in your mind, your perspective about yourself, others, and the circumstances of life will change.  

And the reality of the spiritual blessings you’ve received will eventually be evidenced in your life. Isn’t this what we want, i.e., to be like Christ? So, what are you waiting for? Please learn about the new truths that reside in you, embrace them, watch your character transform, and the brand-new you exemplify them. 


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Paperback: 168 pages
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