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A Longing of the Soul



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Have you ever wondered if God heard your prayer?


This book will help us identify what should precipitate our prayers, i.e., whether we’re operating in carnal or spiritual motives. And if it’s determined that we’re occupied with ungodly influences, how we can address them so that our prayers to God the Father will be heard.


Are you still waiting for God to answer your prayer request?


We’ll also learn about the four different responses from God regarding what we asked Him for.


Are you ready to undertake this adventure so that when you pray, you’ll have assurance that your prayers are reaching heaven?


What are you waiting for? Get reading.


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eBook (Kindle)


Paperback: 142 pages
eBook: 144 pages


Paperback: 6 x 0.32 x 9 inches
eBook: 1362 KB

Release date:

Paperback: April 6, 2024
eBook: April 5, 2024


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