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God’s Abundant Life



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I’m sure all of us have an opinion as to what this is all about. 


Some might say that it has to do with God blessing us. Blessing us with a good job, a girl or boyfriend, physical health, a nice home, family, and friends. 


Others could look at this differently and say that it’s all about sacrificing for God. Living a monastic life. Giving God total devotion. Separating oneself from the world.  


And there could even be another group that says this has to do with being faithful to religion. Following all of the rules. Obedience.  


Well, what do you think? Does one of these descriptions support your conjecture? What if I told you that God’s abundant life has nothing to do with any of these declarations.      


I’m sure you’re thinking, what are you talking about? I’m talking about a life that’s like nothing you could have ever imagined. A meaningful life. A gratifying life. A fulfilling life. A purposeful life. A spiritual life.  


Would you like to know how we can receive this divine life and what blessings it will provide us with? Well then, this book is for you.  



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