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Death can be uncertain. 


For our loved ones who have passed away, this can be extremely heartbreaking. But there is one question that I’m sure most of us have pondered in our minds. Where do we go after we die? Some say in the ground, while others might say to a better place. This book will provide us with the answers to these questions.


Death can also be mysterious. 


What I mean is, how many times have we questioned God as to why He didn’t heal a loved one from a life-threatening illness? I’m sure we have wondered why He allowed a friend of ours, a relative, or a son or daughter to die at a young age. This book will give us examples of some instances where God has chosen to heal so and so and what might be the basis for such a decision.


Death can also be prevented.


Is it possible that certain conditions might influence God to intervene and prevent a loved one from impending death? This book will unveil to us what decisions we could make to bring about divine protection and prolonged life. 


Death is inevitable.


This book will teach us how to receive a new life that will provide spiritual blessings in time and a new destination when the end of our time here on earth has come. 



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Paperback; eBook (Kindle)


Paperback: 146 pages
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